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Conquer your fear with Gravity Beastie! Built with a 7-ply maple deck and OS780 grip, you can enjoy freeriding on slopes and other smooth surfaces. Its solid black wheels and chrome ABEC-7 bearings give you the stability you need without compromising your speed.

Bring some zest to your cruise with the Gravity Beastie complete skateboard! Fueled by every skater’s need for a skateboard that is both durable and easy to ride, Gravity Beastie offers a stable, 7-ply maple deck and a non-slip finish with its OS780 grip tape.

It has a very mild concave and medium-sized wheel wells that let both beginner and professional skaters perform tricks more easily. The ABEC-7 precision bearings and black bushing components also let you have that smooth-riding speed you need to go wherever you want in style.


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Easy to ride and durable are two things that you need from a skateboard. Gravity Beastie answers to those needs with its 38-inch 7-ply maple deck. It offers a non-slip finish with its OS780 GRIP level, giving more stability and safety for riders.

Gravity can hold up to 220lbs, which makes it fit for all ages. Excellent control is what this skateboard is all about. It has very mild concave and medium-sized wheel wells that let you perform tricks easier. Both pros and beginners can easily do stunts and other tricks with this one.

The ABEC-7 precision bearings and black bushing components let you have a smooth riding speed. You can enjoy this on skate parks, ramps, skating streets, and other smooth surfaces. The lightweight durability and optimal shape of this skateboard make it a great option for every rider.


  • Length: 38”
  • Width: 8.5”
  • Weight: 8 lbs
  • Construction: 7-ply maple
  • *with heat transfer technology


  • 7-Inch Trucks for stronger and smoother turns
  • 7051 Solid Black Wheels for maximum grip and great slides right out of the package
  • ABEC-7 Chrome Bearings for high-performance skating
  • Black Bushings for responsive and all-around skateboarding
  • OS780 Grip With Graphic Design
  • Comes with PE bag

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Dimensions 38 × 8.5 × 6 in


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