Gravity 40 Rounded Pin “Flowers”-R


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Ever since the 90s, skateboarding has become one of the most popular recreational hobbies that kids and teenagers get into. Skateboarding is versatile, an excellent way to go to school, and also a great way to build their social circle. When it comes to choosing the proper skateboard for beginners, it is essential to set the standards high because if you get a skateboard without the proper features, there’s a great chance that a kid will not like the sport.

Feel the futuristic, cyberpunk vibes with this skateboard today!

If you are on the lookout for a skateboard that packs a lot of features that your kid will absolutely love, then check out this skateboard from Venture Zebra.

This skateboard measures 40 inches long and 9.125 inches wide. Though this might seem a bit intimidating for young skateboarders, this is the perfect size for them to learn the basics of skateboarding, such as balancing and controlling. The deck is spacious enough even for older skateboard enthusiasts.

The deck is manufactured from 8-ply Chinese maple. This cold-weather maple is perfect for skateboards because it keeps its durability without losing too much flexibility. Flexibility is an essential aspect when choosing a skateboard because it will dictate how much it can handle when it comes to executing tricks, especially from higher places. The more flex it has, the easier it is to do tricks.

The deck is also coated with OS780 black grip tape and an engraved prominent Gravity logo. The griptape is skid-proof and abrasion-resistant, which guarantees a long-time use. Going underneath the deck, you will find a holograph-inspired graphic design printed using heat transfer. This is the best method to ensure that the design will not fade over time.

This skateboard features 7” triumph trucks that are perfect for carving and downhill riding. It offers a good amount of stability even at high speeds and since it is treated thrice, it will stay shiny and smooth even after thousands of abrasions. It is partnered with ABEC-7 bearing and stone-ground wheels with an 80A durometer to ensure smooth rides, perfect for speed skating.


  • Deck: 8ply Chinese Maple 40*9.125in, Double Drop
  • Top: OS780 Black Griptape, Heat transfer with “Gravity” logo
  • Bottom: Heat transfer printing
  • Wheel: 70mm x51mm,80A hardness, Transparent Stone Ground Black wheels, with white printing
  • Trucks:7″ triumph trucks,three times surface treatment
  • Bushing : Solid black
  • Bearings: Silver bearing with red cover , ABEC-7 printing
  • Packing: Standard PVC Bag, 2 sets/Carton


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