Gravity 43 Drop Kick “SCREAMING EAGLE”-R


Be with the wind like a bird of prey while riding this eagle-inspired skateboard from Venture Zebra! Aside from having a head-turning graphic design, it also packs a lot of features that will level up your ride style in an instant.

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Deck:8ply Chinese  maple 43*9.5in, Double Drop

Top: OS780 black griptape, heat transfer with “Gravity” logo

Bottom: heat transfer printing

Wheel: 70mm x51mm,80A hardness, transparent  Stone Ground blue wheels,with White printing

Trucks:7″  triumph trucks,three times surface treatment

bushing :solid black

Bearings: silver bearing with red cover ,ABEC-7 printing

Packing: Standard PVC Bag, 2 sets/Carton

The deck is made from 8-ply Chinese maple, harvested from the cold-climate oriental mountain regions that will ensure maximum durability yet still giving enough flexibility to absorb shock even when jumping from a high distance. The plying method also provides better structure durability for long-lasting use, similar to the laminated glasses of shatter-proof windows.

The deck measures 43 inches long and 9.5 inches wide to provide spacious standing room for the rider. More space will also mean easier balance, and maneuverability, especially to those who are just starting out with skateboarding. Aside from the spacious deck, it is also coated with OS780 black grip tape that will provide excellent traction between the rider’s soles and the deck itself. It is guaranteed to stay rough even after thousands of hours of use.

You’ll always have a butter-smooth ride thanks to the combination of 70mm x51mm, 80A hardness stone ground wheels and an ABEC-7 bearing. No matter which terrain you are going to ride it on, it can withstand shock and provide you with a smooth, joyful cruise.

Let’s not forget the graphics design of this head-turning skateboard. Using heat transfer printing, it features the fierce and majestic bald eagle, metaphorically symbolizing the feeling you’ll get when riding this skateboard. It is printed using a next-gen printer so you are guaranteed that the design will not fade.


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