Ambassadors of Gravity


Education: University of San Diego
Degree/Course: Master’s degree in Counseling/graduated 2019
Current Profession or Employment: Therapist for non-profit

Miami-born Kay Saffe is a 27-year-old fresh-graduate from the University of San Diego. She works as a non-profit therapist. She recently got her Master’s degree in counseling in 2019. When she’s not doing her philanthropic affairs, she’s enjoying her gnarly tricks as a skateboarder.

Kay grew up with two brothers, Derek and Dalton, from whom she learned to do skateboard tricks. They would ride around the neighborhood when she was younger, a hobby she picked up and carried until today.

Her current favorite skating spot is Cass Street in PB. She adores this mellow downhill in her neighborhood and it’s her alternative if the local pump track isn’t available. Her mini cruiser is her favorite ride as it gives her the freedom to do her favorite tricks like power slide.

This goofy skater can’t get enough of buttery smooth downhill streets with zero traffic. All thanks to her Gravity 27” Stingray Mini Cruiser, she can go cruising to her heart’s content. She discovered the brand at Soul Grind skate shop in PB. From then on, she can’t get enough of her mini cruiser. It’s easy to carry around when she isn’t on board because of its size and portability.

When Kay isn’t enjoying gnarly skateboarding sessions, she’s all about indulging in surfing, film photography, and craft beer.

Amanda (Mandy) Bilbao

Amandy “Mandy” Bilbao was born in New Mexico and currently lives in Kansas City, Missouri. She graduated from Liberty North in 2015 and went to Metropolitan Community College to achieve an associate’s degree. Today, she’s attending the University of Central Missouri to become a pilot.

While striving to become a pilot, she also hustles as a car prep at a rent-a-car company. In her leisure time, she’s cruising around the neighborhood. Her interests revolve around active sports and skateboarding is among her favorites.

Mandy got her first longboard in March of 2014 and thought about learning how to slide by herself. A month or so later, she found out that her city has a massive longboard community. With the help of her-newfound peers in the skating community, she was able to enjoy quick progress with her skating. These friends have made a big mark in her riding journey.

As she continued with her skating journey, she found out about Gravity Boards. She has tried the Gravity Last Resort Skateboard and Gravity Double Drop Pineapple Express Longboard. What she loves about the brand is that it caters to all sorts of skateboarding styles, which is a big plus for those who want to try multiple ways to ride.

When Mandy isn’t on her board, she’s looking out for other ways to stay active like doing rock climbing, softball, and volleyball.

Rikiya Imanashi

Rikiya Imanashi is a 26-year old skateboarding enthusiast from Nara, Japan. He grew up enjoying this hobby with his family and friends. He discovered Gravity boards through his Sensei Brad Edwards. He took introduced his to the brand and from then on, he’s been all about Gravity.

Among his favorite Gravity rides include Brad Edwards 40, Jesse Parker 38, and Guto Lamera 44. This Japanese skateboarder is all about challenging himself with new tricks. This is why loves his Gravity boards because they don’t bail on him as he discovers more fantastic stunts.

This adrenaline-junkie is all about enjoying being active. When he isn’t impossible tricks, he’s all about fishing and surfing.

brad edwards rider gravity


BORN: Marblehead, MA., Feb. 6th, 1969
RAISED: In Agoura, CA, a little town just north of L.A.
SK8 BIRTH: We moved to California when I was three. Around five years old, my brother and his friends were skating the old closed down Paramount Studios zoo where they had kept all the animals for the movies. It was called JungleLand and had all these crazy bowls & weird stuff to sk8. Rode my first pool there & saw my first dead body there too. After that, I rode for local park team at Aloha SkateTown until they closed down in 1982.
CURRENT RESIDENCE: North County San Diego. Oceanside. South-O.
SETUPS I RIDE: The Gravity B40 as my main board for parks and transition type terrain. If I’m just cruising to the store, checking the surf or rolling down some surfy hills, I like to ride the Gravity SpoonNose45. Tracker trucks, Dart 149’s. I prefer wheels 60-66mm and 90-97a. I’ll ride a bigger softer wheel sometimes for rougher surfaces like ditches or pools with cancer.

Rikiya Imanishi


BORN: 1994, Gravity and I are the same age.
RAISED: Nara Japan
INFLUENCES: Mickey Fujita, Brad Edwards, Jesse Parker, Shaun Ross, my dad [Kazumasa Imanishi], 81cruz and skating with friends.
FAVORITE SPOTS: TRIAL SurfFamily, Fukakita, Power Bomb Skatepark!!!

daniel engel Bakersfield resident Daniel Engel ranked third in the world in downhill skateboarding rider of Gravity skateboards


BORN: 4/28/1991
LIVES: Bakersfield, CA
INFLUENCES: Daewon Song, Tim Del, Danny Connor, Max Ballesteros, Aaron Homoki, Ben Raybourn, James Kelly
FAVORITE SPOT: The High Sierras, Burnside, Kernside
FAVORITE FOOD: All of the foods!
FAVORITE MUSIC: Reggae, Big Band, Country, Classic Rock
INSPIRATIONS: My Family and Aaron Enns

vincent sandoval


DOB: Nov 28 ,1983
LIVES: Jacksonville FL
BOARD: pool 32
STANCE: regular
FAVORITE TRICK: anything crail, boneless and feeble fakie
FAVORITE TERRAIN: anything diy with pool block
MUSIC: all types
INSPIRATIONS: Jay Adams, John Cardiel, Ben Raybourn, anyone who is having fun and all my homies.
THANKS: skateboarding, gravity skateboards, Sunrise Surf Shop and Garrett, my wife, family and all my homies that keep pushing me.

phranklyn qee-ros


BORN: North Carolina but living in Oceanside CA
LIKES: Longboards, hills, ditches and random pieces of forgotten matter.
FAVORITE TRICK: The act of skateboarding.
FAVORITE SPOT: The spot everyone hates.
INFLUENCES: My friends, Brad Edwards, Dallas, Jessie Parker, Andre Taylor and Ritchie Jackson.
FAVORITE MUSIC: When I skate it is reggae. Chronixx. Rasta man wheel out is the jam.
FAVORITE FOOD: Coconut, rice and pigeon peas made by me.


HOMETOWN: Escondido, CA
DOB: 9 – 1 – 89
CURRENT GRAVITY SETUP: BE40/Indy 159s/Lo Pros & Wingman/Tracker 149s/Lo Pros
INFLUENCES: Brad Edwards, Jesse Parker, The Gonz, Louie Barletta, Cardiel, Tony Trujillo, Richie Jackson
FAVORITE SKATE MUSIC: Depends on the sesh! Ranges from Iron Maiden to A Tribe Called Quest
SKATING MANTRA: Skate for fun. If you’re not having fun, don’t skate!


AGE: 17
INFLUENCES: Ben Rayburn, Shane hidalgo and Sean Ross
AGE: 17
INFLUENCES: Ben Rayburn, Shane hidalgo and Sean Ross
HOBBIES: Surf and Create: Surf and Create