Gravity XTreme Edge Electric Skateboard


Land on both feet with Gravity XTreme Edge Electric Skateboard! It has brilliant electric power at 350W and can haul and push up to 220 lbs around, fast, without any problems. It comes with a handheld, Bluetooth-operated, wireless remote control that is intuitive, simple to use, and has all the buttons and speed settings that you need to maneuver the board. Have a blast skating!

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Gravity’s latest electric skateboard boasts of power, performance, and versatility that takes it a notch higher than other standard electric powerboards used for commuting. The UL-certified 18650 Lithium-ion battery and 83 mm x 52 mm 350 W electric dual motors allow this electric board to glide and operate at a maximum speed of 25 mph at a 12-mile range. Its 38” x 8.7” skateboard deck provides true resilience and toughness, thanks to its sturdy construction of Canadian Maple with fiberglass. Weighing only 14 lbs, this Gravity eboard is portable and can be carried around anywhere you wish. It also features 8” responsive trucks and 83 mm x 55 mm polyurethane wheels that are ideal for greater maneuverability and extreme running accuracy at continuous high speeds. You can charge it for up to 3 hours, too, so ride faster and travel farther with Gravity XTreme Edge Electric Skateboard.

Length: 38”
Width: 8.7”
Wheelbase: 30.32”
Weight: 14 lbs
Construction: Canadian Maple with Fiberglass
Recommended Carrying Weight: 220 lbs
Voltage: 36V
Capacity: 5.2 Ah
Charging Time: 2-3 hours
Highest Speed: 25 mph
Travel Distance: 12 miles
Climbing Capability: 30% at 25 degrees
Color: Gray, Multi-color

UL-Certified 18650 Lithium-Ion Battery for greater safety and a longer life span
83 mm x 52 mm 350 W Electric Motor for impressive and powerful performance
A Handheld, Bluetooth-Operated, Wireless Remote Control that is intuitive, simple to use, and has all the buttons and speed settings you need to maneuver the board
8” Trucks that provide enough wheel-to-deck clearance for greater maneuverability
83 mm x 55 mm Polyurethane Wheels that make for faster and more responsive rides

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