Gravity Film Strip Deck Only


Waste no time in riding a mediocre longboard. Let Gravity Film Strip give you a break from cheap and breakable boards. This one comes with a deck that’s made of 8-ply Chinese maple. With its lightweight construction and sturdy built, you’ll easily pivot onto another unforgettable day in the sun.

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Boasting blue hues with a graffiti-inspired look, you’ll run the streets with Gravity Film Strip. It looks as cool as it is to ride it though. With its 47-inch deck, you’re signing up for unlimited exhilarating rides.

It’s 8-inch wide featuring a double drop. That means you can move around while enjoying a light spring to this deck. Staying in control during quick pivots and bombing hills comes easy. Go full-speed while being confident in kicking turns and Ollies. This deck can give you that push-power you need without compromised maneuverability.


Length: 47”

Width: 8”

Nose: 0.787”

Tail: 4.134”

Construction: 8-ply Canadian Maple

Mounting Style: Double Drop



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