Gravity 39 Carve Skateboard Completes” BURNING EAGLE”


Bearing a strong-eyed eagle on its deck, this skateboard completes is going to make you feel like you can conquer any ride. Made with 8-ply Chinese maple, this deck offers the right blend of stability and grit. Its combination of stone-ground wheels, 7” trucks, and ABEC-7 bearings makes up for a ride fit for skating daredevils like you.

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Boasting bold graphics featuring an eagle, this Gravity skateboard completes will make you think twice about not picking it for your next ride. It’s made with 8-ply Chinese maple measuring double drop 39” x 9.375inch deck. You can enjoy going hard with its strength that’s built to last.

If you’re thinking about experimenting on freestyle and other tricky stuff, you’ll love its OS780 black grip tape paired with heat transfer technology. Its 70mm x51mm wheels feature 80A hardness, enough to give you that glide on any hard surface. With its solid black bushings and 7” trucks, you’ll find yourself crushing your next outdoor adventure.

Make way for these eagle eyes. It’s not your usual board. Its Gravity skateboard completes, boasting this complete that you’d love to ride from day til night.




Deck: 8-Ply Chinese Maple

Deck Dimension: 39*9.375in, Double Drop

Top: OS780 Black Griptape, Heat Transfer with “Gravity” Logo

Bottom: Heat Transfer Printing

Wheel: 70mm X51mm, 80A Hardness, Transparent

Wheel Design: Stone Ground Yellow Wheels with White Printing

Trucks: 7″ Trucks, Three Times Surface Treatment

Bushing: Solid Black

Bearings: Silver Bearing With Red Cover, ABEC-7 Printing

Packing: Standard PVC Bag, 2 Sets/Cartons



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