Gravity Beach Space Longboard Skateboards Decks (Deck Only)


Show off this ethereal Gravity Beach Space in your next riding journey. All thanks to its sturdy construction and notoriously fantastic shape and size, you’re always off to a good start. There’s no copping out from an exhilarating adventure on the road with this deck.

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Make amends with your fears as you test your limit with Gravity Beach Space. Longboard Skateboards Decks comes with a 41-inch long deck made with 8-ply Canadian Maple. With its 8-inches wide deck, you have enough space to test out new moves and get comfortable.

As it’s built with a stand-out aesthetic design, you’re effortlessly cool on your own. It has the right amount of flex for awesome carving and cruising. With its bottom-mount profile and flat-concave, you’re in for superb maneuverability.

With the elaborate design and reasonable price of this longboard skateboards decks, you can’t possibly say no to this ultimate skating companion.


Length: 41”

Width: 10”

Nose: 1.574”

Tail: 1.574”

Construction: 8-ply Canadian Maple

Concave: Flat

Mounting Style: Bottom Mount


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