Gravity Double Drop Aloha Spirit 41″ Skateboard (deck only)

Speak the language of spring with this Gravity Double Drop Aloha Spirit 41″ Skateboard deck. Featuring lush greens and colorful flowers that signal new beginnings, this deck is also as durable as it looks. It’s made with 8-ply Russian maple, making this double drop deck a fan-favorite for both seasoned and newbie riders.

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If you’re looking for a skateboard deck fit for commuting, cruising, or pushing over long distances, here’s your perfect catch. Gravity Double Drop Aloha Spirit 41″ Skateboard deck features the right shape and size for your long-haul ride daydreams.

Made of 8-ply Russian maple, this 41-inch deck is as durable as it looks. With its 10-inch width, your feet have enough space to play around. Achieve optimum control with the right components. Its heat transfer Gravity logo adds to the overall finesse of this deck, with an overall aura of grace and adrenaline.


Deck Material: 8 ply Russian maple

Length: 41 inches

Width: 10 inches

Mounting Style: Double Drop

Top: OS780 black griptape+heat transfer with “Gravity” logo

Bottom: heat transfer printing






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