About us

Gravity Boarding Company was born in founder Michael Bream’s garage in Solana Beach back in 1994 and quickly moved to a warehouse close by in the Design District of Solana Beach. Being an avid surfer and skateboarder, Michael wanted a board that felt like surfing when he was skating. He had just graduated from the University of California San Diego, UCSD, with a engineering degree so he understood what he needed to do to make this happen and created the 47” Hyper Carve then called it the High Performance Streetboard. As he let his friends ride it, he quickly realized the demand for a skateboard like this and started selling them to local surf shops. At this point core skate shops were not interested in them because they were too long. At first he would load his car with 15 boards and could make it from San Diego to Huntington Beach before he ran out, but in a very short time, he couldn’t even make it out of North County San Diego before running out. Grab yourself a Gravity board from your favorite shop and “enjoy the ride…”

All orders over $100 have free shipping in the continental United States.