HOMETOWN: Leucadia ,CA

SPONSORSHIPS: Gravity Skateboards, DaKine, Art Video Photo, Prop EPS, Borst Surfboards

OCCUPATION: Psychedelic Surf Artist

MAIN SKATEBOARDS: 40” Brad Edwards, 42” Mini Carve, Logan Earth Ski

MAIN SURFBOARDS: 5’9 Squash Thruster, 5’2 Fish

INFLUENCES: Brad Edwards, Shane Hidalgo, Guto Lamera, Dane Reynolds, Matt Donovan, Rob Machado

FAVORITE SURF TRICKS: Front side No Grab Air Reverse, Blow Tail Slob Grab

FAVORITE SKATE TRICKS: Tweaked Out Indy Grab Air, Indy Grab Disaster

FAVORITE TERRAIN: Mini ramps, Banks, Ditches, Hills

MUSIC: TV on The Radio, Portugal the Man, Thievery Corporation, Santigold, Yeasayer, and just about every classic rock band.

FAVORITE QUOTE: The wave breaks here…..don’t be there!!!


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