DOB: june 29, 1979

HOME TOWN: Chitre and Venao Beach

BOARDS OF CHOICE: Kalai, Ed Economy, Mini and Hiper Carve, Pintail

INFLUENCES: Karol Baule..the best ..!..., SURF....Pipa Mendez(Panama.), Rey Medina(Panama.), Cliff Coleman(U.S.A) Cesar Sandoval (Peru), Jotch Montero(C.R),Simon Ramirez( Colombia), DALUA (Brazil) , Gravity Team..and my bros.!

FAVORITE TERRAIN: Trafic in the city, Long Ways with Black Asfalt, Drops and Waves...!

FAVORITE SPOTS: Administration Building of Panama Canal (Panama City), Santa Fe (Veraguas P.), Choachi (Colombia), Volcan Irazu( Costa Rica), El CaƱo (Costa Rica)

FAVORITE TRICK: Drifts Fs, Bs. 180's, Power Slides, Speed, City Trafic


SPONSORS: JESUS...!, Super Deportes with Reef and Dragon, Skull Candy Panama,, Gravity Skateboards.

QUOTES: There is no better experience that to get up after you fall....!

SHOUT OUTS: Animo...!

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