CURRENT RESIDENCE: Austin, Texas......Yee Haaawwwwww!

FAVORITE TOOLS: Gravity P36 as my main board for serious skating. Cruising, BE40. For hills and banks, I prefer something like the Concave Carve or GS32. As far as wheels, I like a 60-66mm 95a-97a wheel for parks and pools and something bigger and softer for much rougher stuff like streets, banks, and hills. For trucks, I run Tracker trucks.

INFLUENCES: Jeff Phillips, Dan Wilkes, The Godoys, Allen Guimond, T-Mo, Brad Edwards, Jay Adams, Eddie Elguera, Shogo Kubo, Jay Smith, Bertleman, Curren, Tom Sims, lots more............

FAVORITES: Freinds, concrete, the female body, my shop/making drums, playing music.

SKATE SCENES I ENJOY: Ditches, pools, vert and coffee shops!

SPONSORS, SUPPORT & PROPS: Gravity, Tracker Trucks, Pleasure Tool Bearings, Prodesigned pads, Red Army Surplus Co., OG'Z Sunglasses

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