Parts Description:
1 Skate Computer
1 Harness and Receiver Unit
1 Battery with Battery Cover
1 Magnet

Step 1
Battery Installation:

Remove the battery and battery cover from the parts bag. Install the battery with the (+) pole facing the battery cover. Snap the cover in place firmly.

Should the LCD show irregular figures, press the Auto Clear button on the bottom of the unit once. This will clear and restart the computer's microprocessor.

Step 2
Transmitter (Magnet) Installation:

The Gravity Speedometer Option utilizes magnets as transmitters. The Speedometer Option can be used with most of the available skate wheels, especially those with an open core.

Wheel Circumference Input
For accurate operation, input the wheel circumference of your wheels. Refer to the accompanying chart. Multiply wheel diameter in millimeters by 3.1416 to determine the wheel circumference for nonstandard sizes.

Input circumference by advancing to Odometer mode (ODO). Hold down the LEFT key for two seconds. The LEFT key will now select digit to input and the RIGHT key will adjust the digit to the desirable number. When input is complete, push the Left key to set the next digit. When all digits are set correctly, press the LEFT key to store the setting. Exit this mode by pressing the LEFT key.
(Note: Removing battery will erase settings.)

Diameter of Wheel Circumference
70.0 mm 220 mm
72.0 mm 226 mm
72.5 mm 228 mm
76.0 mm 239 mm
77.0 mm 242 mm
77.5 mm 244 mm
80.0 mm 251 mm
82.0 mm 257 mm

Wheel Circumference Roll Out Measurement
For greatest accuracy use a millimeter ruler to determine wheel circumference. The roll out measurement can also be used when the wheels wear down and are rotated on the board. Mark the magnet wheel and set it on the start of the ruler. Roll out the wheel one complete revolution.

To check Gravity Speedometer Option speed calibration, skate a course with known distance. Choosing a course with similar terrain to your normal skating trails will improve accuracy. If odometer reading is less than known distance, then increase SSF (Skate Style Factor) by 1 unit at a time. If odometer reading is greater than known distance, then decrease SSF by 1 unit at a time. Repeat this procedure until you have caculated the speed for your personal skating style.

Speed is displayed, indicated by SPD. Instantaneous speed has a display range of 0 to 60 M/hr (0 to 96 Km/hr) and an accuracy of +0.5 M/hr (Km/hr). In any mode, press RIGHT key for over two seconds to revert to SPD mode. In SPD mode, the LEFT key will stop/start stopwatch. Press the RIGHT key to advance to the stopwatch.

The LEFT key stops and starts the Stopwatch, which is indicated by fixed colons. The stopwatch will time up to 23 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds and then recycle. To zero the stopwatch, press the LEFT key over two seconds. This also resets AVS,MXS and DST. Press the RIGHT key to advance to distance.

Trip distance is indicated by DST. Distance is activated automatically with speedometer input. Press RIGHT key to advance to the odometer.

Total distance traveled is recorded and displayed, indicated by ODO. To reset the odometer to zero, remove the battery. ODO displays initially (i.e. only whole mile or Km) with Km or M symbol. Press RIGHT key to advance to maximum speed.

Maximum Speed
Highest speed reached during each workout is indicated by MXS. Reset MXS using the stopwatch reset procedure. Press the RIGHT key to advance to Average Speed.

Average Speed
Average speed for workout is indicated by AVS. Resat AVS using the stopwatch reset procedure. Press RIGHT key to advance to Clock.

A 12 hour digital clock appears indicated by flashing colons. To adjust time, press LEFT key for two seconds. Adjust the flashing hour digits using the RIGHT key (hold for fast advance) and set digits by pressing the LEFT key. Use the RIGHT key to adjust minute digits and LEFT key to set. Press the RIGHT key to advance to Speedometer.

MPH/KPH Selection
In the odometer mode you can change all readings from M to Km or vice versa by pressing the LEFT and RIGHT keys simultaneously for over two seconds. M or Km will be indicated and flashing on the display. Select M (MPH) or KM (KPH) with RIGHT key. Enter by pushing LEFT key.

(Note: If odometer reading is in excess of 6215 miles, conversion to kilometers will erase memory and restart at zero or current distance reading.)

Auto Start/Stop
To preserve batteries, the Inline Speed performance monitor will automatically switch off if unused for over 5 or 6 minutes. Display will reappear with the touch of either key or speed input.


Malfunction Problem
No speedometer reading Improper magnet/sensor alignment

Slow display response Temperature outside of operating limits (0-55 degrees C)

Black display Temperature too hot, or display exposed to direct sunlight too long

Display readout fades Poor battery contacts or dead battery

No trip distance reading Check correct sensor/magnet alignment. Check battery and correct instalation.

Display shows irregular Press Auto Clear button at bottom of figures unit to clear and restart computer