The Twin Kick is the all around board that you've been looking for. Developed by the Team's need to have a board that would work well in all situations, the Twin Kick can handle it all. 8 ply hardrock maple construction gives this board great strength, and the curves of it's double drop, twin kicked mold have been well thought out with our rider's input. This board works very well in freeride, ditches, parks, downhill, and most other disciplines.

Trucks: Randal 180 RII
Bearings: Gravity ABEC5
Risers: 1/4" Flat
Wheels: Gravity 70mm
Wood: 8ply Hardrock Maple

SPECS: / L:38" / W:10 / N:2.875" / T:2.875" / WB:28.25"

$203.00 - Complete

* Asterisks show recommended setup

$124.00 - Deck Only