The 9.5" wide deck offers plenty of room to move around and walk the board. It has light concave with medium flex for a forgiving ride and a kicktail so you can do kick turns and ollies making it a versatile freeride, cruiser board. The longer wheelbase makes the board a more stable ride for beginners while still offering a loose responsive ride for more advanced riders.

Trucks: Tracker 149mm Darts
Bearings: Gravity ABEC5
Risers: Gravity Angled
Wheels: Gravity 66mm
Wood: 7ply Hardrock Maple

L:45.00" / W:9.33" / N:5.50" / T:7.50" / WB:28.00"

$201.00 - Complete

* Asterisks show recommended setup

$104.20 - Deck Only