Looking for the 42" Mini Carve? Well, we have good news and bad news. Bad news first? The Mini Carve has been discontinued. The good news? We have somthing you'll like even better! Check out the 40" Mini Kick.

    The Mini Kick has the same riding characteristics of the Mini Carve but with more features and functions.
  • 7 ply maple light concave offers a more positive flex pattern and strength
  • Micro drops making the riding platform sit lower to the ground for easier pushing and more control
  • The kicktail... Well, it's a kicktail, why not have one on a skateboard???

So if it's the flex of the Mini Carve, or the wheel cut outs and clearance, or the manueverability, or stability, or... or... The Mini Kick offers all that and then some! You could even say that the 40" Mini Kick is the Mini Carve 2.0.

The Mini Kick features comfortable concave for your feet, a more lively flex pattern, a functional kicktail, a dropped riding platform, a lower center of gravity and increased stability at speed.

Give it a try. You won't be disappointed.