Gravity Skateboard's Diamond Tail 37 is designed to pump and flex thru turns. Slight camber gives this board an incredible flex to strength ratio. A wood core construction is sandwiched between our patented Eco-Tech Fiber top & bottom sheets for added durability and aesthetic appeal. This board is just waiting for you to carve & cruise your local hill, street or boardwalk. New artwork by Ashton Howard!

Trucks: Tracker 149mm Darts
Bearings: Gravity ABEC5
Risers: Gravity Tall Angled
Wheels: Gravity 66mm
Fiber: 2ply Eco-Tech Fiber(read more about it)
Wood: 5 Ply Hardrock Maple

L:37.00" / W:9.25" / N:2.75" / T:7.00" / WB:23.25"