The Drop Kick is a 43" 7 ply maple drop deck with light Concave and sweet little kicktail. It offers a nice flex pattern for hard carves and freeriding. The tail is perfect for free ride tricks and has plenty of strength even for the bigger riders. The board was designed for the all around skater and the tail makes doing tricks easier. We ship it with Randal 180's and 70mm Blazer wheels. Support our economy, buy American.

Trucks: Randal 180 RII
Bearings: Gravity ABEC5
Risers: 1/4" Flat
Wheels: Gravity 70mm
Wood: 7ply Hardrock Maple

SPECS: / L:43" / W:9.5" / N:1.875" / T: 5" / WB:32"

$185.00 - Complete

* Asterisks show recommended setup

$118.00 - Deck Only