Engineered over the past 2 years, this board is ready. The Kalai has several advantages over similar boards that really make it shine. Instead of working with all bamboo, we used a blend of bamboo and cross ply maple. The cross ply maple is used to stiffen the torsional flex of the board that plagues all bamboo boards. We also use a pre-tensioned composite that is substantionally stiffer, and stronger than a tradional 'wet' layup of epoxy fiberglass. You can really feel the difference that this composite makes in the higher rebound flex.

Trucks: Randal R-II 180mm
Bearings: Gravity ABEC5
Risers: None, this is a drop through mount.
Wheels: Gravity 76mm Hi-Grade
Wood: 2ply Bamboo core, 1ply Maple, 2ply Bamboo veneer, 2ply pre-tensioned composite.

L:41.00" / W:9.50" / N:2.50" / T:2.50" / WB:31.50"